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In 1908, W.D. Gann reportedly constructed this legendary Financial Timetable providing a road map for the direction of US stock prices for the entire 20th century.  Its timing was calculated using the North Node lunar time cycle of 18.61 years.

WD Gann Financial Timetable original

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The chart below correctly extends this Master Timetable until the year 2028.

The Fibonacci retracement is one of the most widely used tools by professional traders  who trade the markets by technical analysis.   It's ability to consistently identify support and resistance zones in all financial markets with near precision continues to amaze me.

The chart below shows how Fibonacci retracements have predicted each major turning point on the Indian Nifty index since the all-time high back in early May 2015.  But how do you know which retracements to use?  Let me show you...

Nifty - Fib Retracements daily click to enlarge chart

The German DAX looks on track to reach my ultimate profit target of 9406. In a previous website post, I outlined that my proprietary trading to Time technique gave me the signal to short the DAX on 31 March at 10,018 (see chart below).

After selling short 20 DAX contracts, we soon closed 10 of those at 9972 for a quick fire +46 pip (or EUR $460) profit. This evening, I have closed a further 5 contracts at 9600 for a +418 pip (or an additional EUR $2,090) profit.  With the DAX currently at 9580 as I write, we sit on unrealised gains of a further +438 pips (or EUR $2,190) profit.

Combined, this has resulted in an overall gain of EUR $4,740.


DAX - trading to Time - 30 Mar 2016

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This week on CNBC's hit TV show Options Action, one of the CNBC Fast Money traders outlined his reasons for why gold was a near term buy.

All three of the key reasons he discussed in his analysis were things which I had previously identified over a month ago in my Special Edition Gold Report. 

A number of my customers who purchased the report over a month ago were able to successfully trade gold long into the $1288 top, and have since profited from the short term fall in gold prices over the last two weeks.

You can purchase a copy of my Special Edition Gold Report at a specially reduced price by emailing me at

CNBC Fast Money trader discusses gold

CNBC Fast Money - buy Gold

to view video, click here

The following charts have been taken from my Special Edition Gold Report which was published at the beginning of March.  They provide a near exact analysis to the one CNBC provided this week.  Better for them to be late than never, I suppose.

There have been a lot of good things to come out of Germany.

Not only do they make great cars, but their stock index is one of the best in the world for trading. 

It is liquid.  It moves in big intraday ranges (which is great for trading).  And it works incredibly well to my proprietary trading to Time forecasting technique (as the chart below shows).

DAX - trading to Time - 30 Mar 2016

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