Market Forecasts

Forecast market tops and bottoms... years in advance.

Forecast Market Tops and Bottoms... Years in Advance

I have calculated, in writing, future dates which have accurately predicted major market turning points to the exact day – years in advance.

In my course Trading with the Time Factor, I will teach you the techniques that can allow you to identify the exact price and date of market tops and bottoms, years before they happen.

In 2016, I nominated the date of the yearly low for the S&P500 index to the exact day and within one point of the actual yearly low - you can read that forecast here. FORECAST CORRECT

At the beginning of 2016, I outlined to clients in my 2016 Road Map that the Dow Jones would reach a high of 19,970 by year end. The yearly high came in at 19,974 - you can read that forecast here. ANOTHER FORECAST CORRECT

At the end of 2015, I outlined that Gold and Gold mining stocks were due for a significant rally. Gold mining stocks then advanced over 300%. ANOTHER FORECAST CORRECT.

Some of my other successful written forecasts have included nominating the exact day of the yearly low in Australian stock market in September 2001, and that the bull market in US equities was set to continue their record run throughout 2012 and 2013.  In late 2014, I also wrote to friends and colleagues warning them that I thought crude oil prices and oil related stocks were head much lower. ANOTHER FORECAST CORRECT

Learn how these successful trading strategies allowed me to turn a $20,000 trading account into $80,052 in under 40 days.

Imagine how much you could improve your trading profits by learning how to implement these successful trading strategies into your stock market, foreign exchange trading or commodity analysis.  Visit our trade shop and learn more - today!

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What is the Time Factor?

It really is about timing the market - incorporating market cycles into your analysis so that you can better time your investment decisions.

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