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Another price forecast to the exact cent

It's not just stock indices, precious metals and currencies that work with the geometric precision described in Trading with the Time Factor.  The technqiues work equally well on individual stocks on any equity market. 

The chart below depicts a financial services company traded on the Australian stock market - IOOF Holdings Ltd (ASX code: IFL).  Anyone familiar with the price forecasting techniques outlined in volume 1 of Trading with the Time Factor will have known that $10.98 was a price to watch in IFL for a major change in trend.  Well, on 29 May 2015, the IFL share price reached $10.98 exactly before a dramatic 22% fall occurred only weeks later. 

The chart below highlights three series of price movements going back to 2005 which were all geometrically related to within cents of one another.  It made the recent move to $10.98 in the stock not only likely, but also predictable.  As you can see, the price measuring techniques explained in volume 1 of Trading with the Time Factor revealed a price forecast of $10.98, which was to the exact cent of the high reached at $10.98 on 29 May. 

IFL - Jun 15 c.1
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The next price chart illustrates that the $7.96 to $8.10 mark represents an area of potential price support.  Notwithstanding the scandal which has recently hit the company, whilst this level remains held, IFL remains in a bull market.  I will be using the price measuring techniques along with my time forecasting techniques to indicate when the bottom is likely to be in place.


IFL - Jun 15 c.2
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Until next time.


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Sunday, 23 February 2020


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