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Gold trade (going short)


The price of gold has been on an upward tear over the last 12 months rallying by over 40% during that time.

Recently however, we had some strong price indicators suggesting a top was due in May near the $1790 mark. It was certainly earmarked as an area of resistance by our PRICE techniques as well as on our 'active angle' using the Gann Square of 9.

As a consquence, I initiated some short positios in gold bullion which have positioned me for a pull back in price. You can see my actual short trade entries here.

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Gold Market Update (May 2020)


The gold market has been on a tear this year.

In March however, it hit resistance up near $1,760 /oz. The price movement in gold however has been largely predictable as the next chart shows.

Those of you who have been subscribed to me for a while will be familiar with the below chart, and the prediction I made for gold prices back in 2018. My forecast for gold was represented by the red lines. Now, those lines were drawn back in 2018 well before gold prices followed the direction I had forecast going higher. I have left those forecast lines untouched in the chart below to represent just how close my forecast was.

Gold Price Update May 2020

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Stock Market Update (Video)


I am pleased to share with you this 26 minute video update with my current thoughts on the US equities markets.

You may need to fast forward for the first 60 seconds to get into the content, but the video should be fine after that.

A link to the video and the password is below.

Password: 2m%%!^DT

Until next time...

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Square of 9 - trading to the minute


The Gann Square of 9 really is an incredible tool.

It has so many applications if one knows how to use it correctly, that it can literally be used as a stand alone trading tool. Unfortunately, most of what you read about the Square of 9 on the internet incorrectly teaches you the appropriate way on how to use it.

I am often asked about how people can learn more about the Square of 9. The reality is however, that to teach it correctly is not something that can be done over an internet blog or in a book. It really is a tool that you need to learn face to face.

Maybe one day I might start a Zoom Video Tutorial on how to use the Square of 9 properly.

Here is a recent application of the Square of 9 on the Australian ASX 200 index that we successfully used to trade a recent low within minutes of it occurring.

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Is the COVID-19 bear market over?


If anyone is wondering whether the Master Time Cycles are still working on today's markets, then my response is an "unequivocal yes!".

The debate was out whether the ultimate bull market high was due to arrive in late 2019 or early 2020. But either way, we here at the Time Factor had forecast that the end of the bull market was going to occur within this time frame all the way back in 2011 - over eight years before the event.

Subscribers to my Time Factor Report are well aware of my views on this. So I am not claiming victory on this forecast with the benefit of hindsight.

Personally, I had switched 100% of my Retirement Savings into cash by the end of October in 2019 and a number of my close friends and colleagues followed. It looked like I had made the wrong call for a while, especially as the Dow Jones and the Australian ASX200 indices climbed to new highs.

So now that we are sitting in cash, when is the next "TIME" to buy. Here are my thoughts...

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