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I am often asked by a number of people wanting to learn more about forex trading and how the methods of WD Gann work, to produce a 3 day forecast for them as proof that the methods I teach in my course Trading with the Time Factor really do work.

In a recent blog, I attempted to prove that my methods really do work by publishing a detailed trade by trade breakdown of my real-time trading to show how I turned a $20,000 trading account into $80,052 in under 40 days.  You can read that blog and see the results for yourself by clicking here.

Still, some people remain scepitcal.

So after receiving numerous requests from a particular reader to provide them with a 3 day forecast for the EUR/USD forex pair, I finally caved in and gave them the following:

“The next turning point in the EURUSD will occur between Thursday 3 March  2016 and Friday 4 March 2016.  I will look for EURUSD to hit a price target 1.0832 on or before this date.  If the turning point arrives, then this will be a signal for a long trade in the EURUSD on the 3rd/4th March.”

Last night, on 3 March 2016 (on the exact day that I had forecast), the EURUSD hit my price target almost exactly at 1.0825 and then proceeded to rally over 150 pips.

A copy of my working calculations is provided in the chart below.  In my course Trading with the Time Factor, I teach you how to use these trading methods so that you can implement them into your forex trading startegies, easily and simply. EURUSD - 3 Mar forecast

click to enlarge image

The methods of WD Gann when combined with Fibonacci can certainly be powerful, and my EURUSD forecast was certainly no fluke.

My course is designed to simplify the analysis so that you can learn how to implement these trading strategies simply and effectively.  Whether you are a seasoned trader or just beginning, my course is all about providing you with the tools to have a pratical, tradeable and profitable trading methodology without any 'hidden' messages or coded language.

Until next time...

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