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Gann "harmonic" angles - S&P 500 and Gold

In a recent post on gold, I outlined my reasons for why I thought a correction into the $1200 to $1210 /oz region would be a healthy correction in a bull market.  You can read that post by going here.

Clients of mine with a copy of volume 1 and 2 of Trading with the Time Factor would have received an exclusive email update outlining one of the "harmonic" angles that WD Gann used to follow in his analysis (see chart below).

Notice how this angle has operated as key price support and resistance over the last 15 months.

Gold - Dynamic Angles 25 Oct 2016

click to enlarge image

WD Gann used this technique often in his price analysis, however it was one of his more esoteric techniques. Those of you seeking to learn more about this technique however should read on.

The dynamic "harmonic" angle has multiple applications across multiple markets.  Not only can it act as identifying levels of future price support and resistance, but it can also act as a future trend predictor, assisting you to identify when markets are changing fom bull to bear and vice versa.  The chart below of the S&P 500 index shows how the active dynamic Gann angle has been calling the direction of the US equity markets pretty effectively over the last 12 months.

SP500 - Gann Harmonic Angle 26 Oct 2016

click to enlarge image

For the Gann student who is looking to further his analysis into the works of WD Gann, we are in the process of planning individual, one on one workshops where my colleague Bob and I will explain these esoteric techniques (plus more) so that you can learn how to them in your day to day trading.

We will be writing to you all soon with more details, so stay tuned.

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Gann Square of 9 - S&P 500


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Wednesday, 29 January 2020


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