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GOLD - Where are we headed?

Those of you who have subscribed to my Time Trader Insights will have received an email last week, outlining a successful short trade in gold off the recent high at $1288/oz.  So far, the trade has worked incredibly well, and gold looks on target to reach my initial price target at $1195 (see chart below).

Gold - 23 Mar 2016 update

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The US dollar / Swiss Franc currency pair has revealed some interesting trading patterns of late, most noticeably in recent months as it rallied from the 92.00 level to over 103.00.

The market has moved extraordinarily well to my "Barillaro Box" proprietary indicator, which is both a price and time measuring tool to help you forecast potential points where a market is likely to make a change in trend.

USDCHF - Barillaro Box and Angleclick to enlarge image 

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US Dollar - short trade. Locking in profits.

US Dollar Index - short trade update

With our trading to Time indicators suggesting that 2 Mar 2016 was a likely date for a market top, we initiated the first of our short positions on the US Dollar Index on 3 March at a level of 98.18.  The short trade was confirmed using our Signal 1 indicator described  in Chapter 16 of  the Trading with the Time Factor course - volume 2.

To those clients with a copy of Trading with the Time Factor - volume 2, you would have received an email alert on 3 March (the day after the top) to notify you of the time and price set-up.

The market then gave us another opportunity to add to our shorts (or initiate fresh ones) on the following trading day, and so we gladly added to our positions using our Signal 2 indicator at 98.10.  Our average entry price = 98.14.

With the US dollar index now trading down to the 94.85 level, our profit targets have been reached, so it is time to thank our blessings and take our profit off the table. 

For those in the trade, this is a combined profit of 658 points (ie 329 points per contract x2). 

Total profit on the trade = USD 6,580 in 14 days.

US Dollar Index - short trade set-up -USD 3290 profit

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The Gann Square of 9 (Part 2)

Intra-day trading using the Gann Square of 9 - S&P500 

The Gann Square of 9 can be a powerful tool with multiple applications if it is used correctly.  One of these applications is that it can be used to predict the time of significant turning points on an intra-day basis, often to the exact minute!

This lesson follows an earlier lesson which we posted on the Square of 9 and the active angle that has been working to call significant tops and bottoms for the S&P500 index over the last 4 years.  That article can be found here.

In order to correctly use the Square of 9 for intra-day trading however, you need to first understand how to correctly break up the divisions of a calendar day into 360 degree time cycles.

With 24 hours in a day, each calendar day is made up of approximately 1440 minutes.  For those familiar with WD Gann and his trading methods, this number is related to his Master Square of 144 (ie 10 x 144 = 1440).

The Square of Nine chart below has correctly broken up the division of day for the New York Stock Exchange on 11 March 2016.  Note, the exact times will differ each day and will also depend on which exchange your selected market is traded on.  Knowing how to calculate the divisions of a day is therefore essential to get your forecasts accurate to the exact minute!

Square of 9 - NYSE

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Is now the time to buy gold?

Gold prices have been back in vogue in 2016 after the yellow metal fell to a multi-year low of $1,045 /oz in late 2015. With prices rallying over 20% since then, a number of people are beginning to ask the question - is now the right time to buy gold? 

Since the all-time record high in Sep 2011, my predictive gold price model (blue line) has been strikingly accurate in forecasting the direction of actual gold prices (yellow line) over the last 4 years - see chart below.

Gold - predictive price model blog

click to enlarge image

So, with gold prices poised to break out into new 12 month highs, I prepared a Special Time Factor Report titled, The Outlook for Gold in 2016 for clients who had purchased a copy of Trading with the Time Factor - volume 2.  It was no conincidence that the report was issued just days before gold prices broke out to new highs, providing my clients with advanced knowledge of this price breakout, as well as a road map for where gold prices are likely to be headed for the remainder of 2016.

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