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The Gann Square of 9 (Part 1)

How to trade with the Gann Square of 9 is something that continues to intrigue many WD Gann students.  Being able to properly understand how the Square of 9 works requires the student to have a base level of knowledge about Gann theory.  You simply will not be able to understand the Square of 9 unless you have a solid understanding of WD Gann's primary trading methods.

Learning how to master the Square of 9 can take students years.  That was certainly the case for me.  And whilst a number of courses out there claim to de-mystify the 'hidden secrets' to the Square of 9, I have not yet come across anyone who has been able to explain how to use it, simply, consistently and profitably in the markets.

Until now.  Let me show you...

Square of Nine - standard

click to enlarge image

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I am often asked by a number of people wanting to learn more about forex trading and how the methods of WD Gann work, to produce a 3 day forecast for them as proof that the methods I teach in my course Trading with the Time Factor really do work.

In a recent blog, I attempted to prove that my methods really do work by publishing a detailed trade by trade breakdown of my real-time trading to show how I turned a $20,000 trading account into $80,052 in under 40 days.  You can read that blog and see the results for yourself by clicking here.

Still, some people remain scepitcal.

So after receiving numerous requests from a particular reader to provide them with a 3 day forecast for the EUR/USD forex pair, I finally caved in and gave them the following:

“The next turning point in the EURUSD will occur between Thursday 3 March  2016 and Friday 4 March 2016.  I will look for EURUSD to hit a price target 1.0832 on or before this date.  If the turning point arrives, then this will be a signal for a long trade in the EURUSD on the 3rd/4th March.”

Last night, on 3 March 2016 (on the exact day that I had forecast), the EURUSD hit my price target almost exactly at 1.0825 and then proceeded to rally over 150 pips.

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Successful Trading Strategies - 400.3% returns in 37 days

I have often been asked the question whether the trading strategies described in Trading with the Time Factor also work for intra-day trading.  Well, the simple answer to that question is, unequivocally - yes!

To prove this point, with the spare time I had over the Christmas period recently, by implementing the trading strategies described in Trading with the Time Factor, I was able to turn a $20,000 account into $80,051.95 - all in the space of 37 calendar days!

These trading results are summarised in the table below.

Account - starting balance 21-Dec-15 $20,000.00
Account - closing balance 27-Jan-16 $80,051.95
Profit / (Loss)   $60,051.95
Return on capital   400.3%
Days traded  



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Despite all of the market turmoil recently, the price action in the US equity markets has actually been behaving quite predictably.

In a recent email sent to colleagues, I nominated that the price target of 1806 would act as price support on the downside representing a place to initiate longs.  So far, the S&P500 has reached a low of 1805 and has rallied over 100 points.  This provided a very tidy profit for those who had knowledge of the price forecasting techniques described in volume 1 of trading with the Time Factor.

In addition, my proprietary trading to Time forecasting technique was also suggesting that the 20th-21st of January was the date to watch for a market turning point.   The current low in the S&P500 so far is 20 January 2016 - a time forecast made months in advance that was to the exact day!

The charts below show how I did it...

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Another price forecast to the exact cent

It's not just stock indices, precious metals and currencies that work with the geometric precision described in Trading with the Time Factor.  The technqiues work equally well on individual stocks on any equity market. 

The chart below depicts a financial services company traded on the Australian stock market - IOOF Holdings Ltd (ASX code: IFL).  Anyone familiar with the price forecasting techniques outlined in volume 1 of Trading with the Time Factor will have known that $10.98 was a price to watch in IFL for a major change in trend.  Well, on 29 May 2015, the IFL share price reached $10.98 exactly before a dramatic 22% fall occurred only weeks later. 

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