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German DAX Index - Jun 2015 Update

In a recent post back in April, I outlined that 16 June 2015 becomes a significant date to watch for a change in trend in the German DAX market.  Well, last week, we got that change in trend to the exact day, with the recent bottom in the DAX coming in right on our time forecast. 

In volume 2 of Trading with the Time Factor, I explain how easy is to calculate these future dates by using my own forecasting technique which I call 'trading to Time'. 

In fact, not only did I nominate 16 June 2015 as a date to watch, I wrote to friends and colleagues that the price level of 10,805 would prove to be significant support and an area to look out for a buying opportunity.  On 16 June 2015, the DAX Index bottomed at 10,798 and has rallied over 600 points so far.  So what is next for the DAX?

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AUD/USD update - Apr 2015

959025-australian-dollarThe Australian dollar has been trading in predictable price movements of late, with the most recent bottom at 7532 occuring on the exact price forecasted by one of the price measuring techniques described in Trading with the Time Factor.

The daily chart of the AUD/USD exchange rate below highlights the reference points used in determining how these price forecasts were made.  You will notice that the two most recent significant bottoms in the Aussie have occurred either exactly (or near exactly) to our price measuring forecasts.

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GERMAN DAX Index Update - Apr 2015

The German DAX Index has been trading incredibly well and making significant turning points on trading to Time dates.

In the chart below I have marked in two active trading to Time dates (blue and red markers) which have produced a number of consecutive intermediate market tops and bottoms in the recent bull run.

The basis for calculating these dates is explained in volume 2 of Trading with the Time Factor. 

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Gold Market Update - Feb 2015

The recent rally in gold prices this year has been quite strong.  I have noticed a number of the Gold Bugs starting to come out of the wood work again - and in force.

The following charts however will hopefully put this gold rally into a bit of perspective - until the price tells me otherwise, the main trend in gold still remains down.
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