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Bitcoin. Why it's all over.

Bitcoin block chain

The Bitcoin mania has engulfed the investment world over the past three to four years, but it wasn't until recently that it began capturing the minds of the general public. And that alone, is a pretty good indication that it was all a giant bubble waiting to pop.

I had been following Bitcoin for a number of years now and I am the first to admit that I never had the courage to buy it when I first began following it back when it was US $300 per BTC. My caution has still remained, even after a very good trader friend of mine urged me to jump on the Bitcoin freight train with him when it was still just trading under US $2000. Even at that time I thought he had balls of steel going long the cryptocurrency.

And so I sat on the sidelines watching BTC explode to a high of almost US $20,000 per BTC. But now, I feel justified seeing it move down back below the US $10,000 per BTC mark. I had likened the Cryptocurrency craze to the bubble in uranium stocks back in mid 2000. And as with all bubbles, they never end up pretty for those investors who were late to the party.

So why do I think the Cryptocurrency bubble is over? It's quite simple, really...

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AUD/NZD - long trade

Sometimes the markets throw up situations that give you a perfect trade entry. One such recent example was a long trade on the AUD/NZD currency pair.

We had flagged the mid 1.06 level was a great place to buy the Aussie/Kiwi shortly before the currency made its lows. As you can see, this allowed me to enter a position on the currency pair at 1.0664 right near the lows of 106.60. Time Factor Report members are aware of this trade (see my trading account below as proof).

Intraday Portfolio AUDNZD trade

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Whilst my entry in this instance was using my techniques to forecast TIME on an intra-day basis, my Time Factor Report members were also long the currency near the lows using our daily TIME count analysis. We will be going through the lessons on how to forecast TIME using intra-day time counts (ie 4 hourly, 1 hourly and 15 minute charts) later on in the year as part of this service.

This trade was an example of where both PRICE and TIME converged together, giving an excellent signal to go long. I will soon look to book some profit on this position and allow some remaining positions to carry the trader higher should the AUD/NZD keep moving in the way we expect it to.

For those who doubt that the TIME FACTOR exists in markets, I hope this trade (with a screenshot of my account) g

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Forecasting the S&P 500 top

The 2870 level on the S&P500 was a major resistance point from a price perspective. It was a level which we had identified before the event as part of the Time Factor Report service earlier in the year (see chart below).

For those who were aware of the TIME FACTOR, this year was destined to be a volatile year in trading. We predicted this in our 2018 Road Map forecast for US Equities and so far in 2018 the market has played out in a volatile way.

SP500 Jan high forecast

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I think the volatility continues throughout 2018 and it is not a year where you can simply 'buy and hold' on your general investments. This is something which I was on the public record for announcing before the event, and the link below will allow you to view one of the video updates that I gave my Time Factor Report subscribers earlier in the year before the volatility began.

I think 2018 will continue to be a challenging year for everyday investors, but will present some considerable investment opportunties for those who are in the know of when is going to be the best TIME to enter the market. Until then, we continue to wait and see what unfolds.

Until next time...


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The Time Factor Report - edition 12

The Time Factor Report finished the year off with a winning strike rate of 77.8% and a return of over 100%.

To download a free copy of the Report and to review all of the winning trades for the year, please click here.

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Time Factor portfolio finishes up 102.6% for the year

With 2017 drawing to a close, I am pleased to announce that the Time Factor Report  trading portfolio has produced a return of 102.6% for the year.

The portfolio has identified trades in the same way WD Gann did, and this year had a win to loss ratio of 78% winning trades!

To view my trading portfolio results, please click here

Subscriptions for the Time Factor Report in 2018 are closing soon and there are strictly a limited number of places available.

To secure you place, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Happy Holidays to all.

Until next time...

Time Factor Report - Portfolio Return 2017

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