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Gann "harmonic" angles - S&P 500 and Gold

In a recent post on gold, I outlined my reasons for why I thought a correction into the $1200 to $1210 /oz region would be a healthy correction in a bull market.  You can read that post by going here.

Clients of mine with a copy of volume 1 and 2 of Trading with the Time Factor would have received an exclusive email update outlining one of the "harmonic" angles that WD Gann used to follow in his analysis (see chart below).

Notice how this angle has operated as key price support and resistance over the last 15 months.

Gold - Dynamic Angles 25 Oct 2016

click to enlarge image

WD Gann used this technique often in his price analysis, however it was one of his more esoteric techniques. Those of you seeking to learn more about this technique however should read on.

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Gann Square of 9 - S&P 500

Those of you who are interested in the Gann Square of 9 may find the following chart of interest.

In the chart below, I have identifed the active harmonic angle working for the S&P500 stock index.

Gann Square of 9 - SP500 levels

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Notice how these active angles continue to provide support and resistance in the S&P 500 index.  So what does this tell us for the S&P500 going forward...

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DOW JONES - The path to 20,000

As many of you know, I have a bullish outlook for US equities into 2017.  Based on the time cycles, this year (2016) was always going to be characterised as a year of sideways price action, and that is exactly what has happened since March.

On this blog, I have published my WD Gann Road Map price forecast quite a few times throughout the year, and the chart below shows the most recent update (to 16 Oct 2016).

As you can see, the US equity markets have almost tracked the predictive price model identically, so far this year.

WD Gann Road Map - 2016 as at 16 Oct

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As the Road Map shows, we are now into the time window where a strong upward move in US equity prices can commence.

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A number of my clients asked for my views on one of Australia's largest retail stocks, Myer Holdings Limited (ASX code: MYR).  In particular, whether the $1.45 level was a good area to initiate long positions on the stock.

In a recent blog post which you can read here, I outlined several reasons why I thought $1.45 was not only the wrong PRICE to buy at but also the wrong TIME to buy.

In that blog post, I commented that I thought the $1.15 price level would be a better time to buy.  Well, so far the low in MYR currently sits at $1.155 - so I was half a cent out with my price forecast.

MYR - 9 Oct 2016

click to enlarge chart 

The next chart shows how my Trading to TIME technique could have assisted you in identifying key turning points in MYR to better time your buy and sell entries.

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GOLD - No reason to panic... yet

Gold bulls have been on the wrong side of the trading ledger of late, with the yellow metal down $130/oz or almost 10% since its peak back in July.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I published a call to lock in profits on gold mining stocks back on 7 Aug 2016, just moments before gold began its price plunge.

You can read that blog post here but here is the chart anyway showing how good that call was.

Gold - NCM lock in profit forecast

click to enlarge chart

So, how much more downside does gold curretly have...

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