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Clients of mine with a copy of Trading with the Time Factor - volumes 1 and 2 received an email from me about a month ago identifying two key time frames to watch in the US equity markets.

The first was 8-10th of August and the second was 24th.  So far, the top in the S&P500 was reached on August 23rd, so the timing calculations were accurate to within a day.

The next major time frame to watch is for the end of September (I think it will be around the 26-27th).

SP500 - 10 Sep 2016

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The price range of 2060 to 2065 might represent an interesting place to initiate new longs for US equities.

As I have mentioned for over 12 months now, my WD Gann Road Map has expected US equities to trade higher through out the last quarter of 2016 and into 2017.

You can read more about the WD Gann Road Map for 2016 and 2017 by clicking here.

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I have received some requests for my views on one of Australia's largest retail stocks, Myer Holdings (ASX code: MYR).  In particular, whether the $1.40 level was an appropriate place to buy.

Based on my opinion of WD Gann theory, there were a number of red flags indicating why $1.40-$1.45 was not a smart place to enter a long trade on this stock.


MYR - 10 Sep 2016

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WD Gann's US Equity Road Map for 2016

On multiple occasions throughout the year, I have publicly released the calculations behind my WD Gann Road Map for US equities in 2016.

For those who have not yet seen it, you can see from the chart below just how accurate the Road Map has been for the best part of 2016 so far.

WD Gann Road Map - 2016 as at 5 Aug


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In my Gold Price Outlook for 2016, with gold still trading below $1,200/oz I declared that the bear market in gold was over and higher prices would follow throughout the duration of 2016.  

Since then, gold has rallied over $170/oz (more than 14%), and my bold call that gold would reach $1,420/oz by the end of 2016 suddenly isn't looking so bold anymore.

Armed with the knowledge that the TIME CYCLES were indicating higher gold prices in 2016, I am now sitting on a gain of 101.6% on Australia's largest listed gold stock (see chart below).

So if you want to know where gold prices are headed next, please read on...

NCM daily chart - 5 Aug 2016

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US Equities - the Road Map for 2016

Clients of mine with a copy of Trading with the Time Factor - volume 2, will be aware of how WD Gann was able to construct a road map which could outline the overall direction of US equity prices for the decade ahead.

I have previously provided my own Road Map for US Equities in 2016 to a number of my clients, together with my trading notes outlining what I am expecting to unfold for the remainder of this calendar year.

As the chart below shows, US equities have been very closely tracking my predictive price model (or "Road Map") for the entire year, and the four key time dates I mentioned in my notes at the beginning of this year (20 Jan, 20 Apr, 10 May and 19 May) have all successfully produced key turning points in US equity markets.

Now, for the first time, I plan to make available my detailed calculations on how I constructed this Road Map to those who are interested.

Gann Road Map - US Equities 2016

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