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S&P 500 - Road Map Update

The S&P 500 has reverted back to the predictive price model to the exact point, post Trump's victory in the US elections.

The chart below provides an update on US equities and compares the actual price action to what the predictive price model forecast at the beginning of the year. I encourage you to revist our post on this Road Map back in May of this year, which has so far successfully outlined the direction of US equity markets for the rest of the year.  You can visit that free article here.


WD Gann Road Map 2016

click to enlarge image

I have now released a copy of the WD Gann Road Map for 2017, which you can learn more about by clicking here. It will provide you a predictive price model for the entire 2017 calendar year, in the same way my 2016 Road Map outlined the price movements for US equities (above).

Markets have recently traded to new all-time highs, and this was precisely forecast by the Road Map more than 12 months in advance. The recent outcome of the US Presidential elections and the market reaction since them, has done nothing but affirm my view that we are on track for the Road Map in 2017 to work out in the way I predict.

I have said for a long time, that 2017 is going to be a year of incredible opportunity in the markets. The key will be to ensure you are on the right side of the market at the right TIME.

As I say, "timing is everything."

Until next time...

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Wednesday, 29 January 2020


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