Take the time to have a look at what some of our clients have said about us.


Don't just take our word for it.  Take a look at what some of our customers have to say. Real testimonials from real people...


"Feels great to be booking more profits than losses. My trading has improved so much since I studied your course in depth - it's awesome!" - Simon P (Australia)


"Thanks for the follow up!  I read through both books and think they're an incredible value!  You've used exmples that resonate on so many levels.  I have bought quite a few un-tradeable courses over the years and I can honestly say that you have one of the best offers for market training that I've seen.  I really do feel like I have condensed 10+ years worth of study into something which I hope is tradeable and meaningful." - Dan H (United States)


"Just finished reading volume 1 and I can't believe it.  I never imagined one can forecast tops and bottoms in that simple and effective way.  Wished I saw your website much earlier, my trading would have been a lot better." - Chris O (Phillipines)


"Trading with the Time Factor volumes 1 and 2 address Gann's paradoxical statement to 'use all of the tools all of the time'.  Following W.D.'s advice like this quickly results in charts too cluttered for trading!  In contrast, Trading with the Time Factor distills decades of research into market price and time harmony that is packed full of practical content, clear writing and exceptional layout.  'Use only the tools that work (in real trading) all of the time', is a better paraphrase of Gann's admonition.  Frank is exceptionally generous and prompt in answering questions and providing current market examples of concepts found in the books.  Overall, 5 stars for exceptional education, value and support." - Alan B (United States)


"Wow!  How do you do it!?  Thanks for your personalised analysis on gold prices.  The 'trading to Time' dates you gave me on gold allowed me to trade the $1192 top in Oct 2015 for a massive profit and then you backed it up by nailing the next bottom to the exact day.  I have almost doubled my trading account in the space of 3 months!" - Akash V (United Kingdom)


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